From Mormon To Mermaid

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From Mormon to Mermaid A Memoir by Lorelei


A Mormon woman discovers stunning untruths in the doctrine of the “one true church” she’s built her life around.

Born into a devout Mormon family—and named after a mermaid—Lorelei strives for eternal salvation. When her bishop calls her to teach the adult scripture class, she delves deeper than ever into the Book of Mormon and Church history. What could go wrong?

As she upturns more and more doctrinal rocks, she realizes the depth of deception upon which she’s based her life.

From Mormon to Mermaid is a compelling memoir of a woman’s five-decade search for value and truth. The award-winning tale shines a burning light into the rarely disclosed corners of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a religion that keeps women bound to the will of the men who wield all the power.

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About Lorelei

For fifty years Lorelei lived the life of a devout Mormon woman.

As a child, her mother told her stories of her pioneer ancestors who crossed the plains to find religious freedom. She grew up in Salt Lake City, was baptized in the Tabernacle font on Temple Square, performed baptisms for the dead in the Salt Lake Temple, and also played the world-famous Tabernacle organ. She attended Brigham Young University, was sealed to her husband for time and all eternity in the Los Angeles Temple, and always said yes to the many callings her bishops extended to her.



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If only it would move closer, he thinks, riveted to the spot. There it goes again. What kind of crazy tricks are my eyes playing on me?

He stands alone on the jagged shoreline. He draws in a deep breath of cold Mediterranean Sea air and shoves his hands deeper into his worn armyissue jacket, trying to clear his head. Far to his right loom threatening cliffs, and in the distance fog hangs over the choppy sea, but it’s the waves close to the rocky ledge near his feet that command his full attention.


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